Dear Students,

1) Cakes & Cake Decoration Class: 18th - 20th May
Booking going on at 6 Hungerford St. The Regency, 3rd Floor
Call on 9836587873 or 033-22895438 for lots more info

Thanks Manju


Manju Sethia

About Me

Hi, I'm Manju and I'm a real foodie. I love eating and cooking too. As a mother of three and living in an Indian joint family I have literally spent hours in the kitchen. Since my teenage days in London I have been baking and reading about new recipes and been tempted to try out new things. Practice! Yes they were right. Helps! 

Of course I've had bad days (many) with a number of good experiences and the final realization was that there is a secret for the perfect result. 

So I started my vegetarian cooking classes- "Sharing Cooking Secrets." The classes aim to solve nearly all the difficulties in cooking and I have had the pleasure of sharing my cooking secrets with hundreds of women, girls and a handful of young boys too! 

My aim is also to spread the word that cooking can be great fun and not just a boring chore. Once you master the basic rules cooking is really child's play! 

Believe me when I say that there is nothing better than home food cooked with kilos of love, even if it is only one or two vegetable dishes with hot chapattis! 

I have added a few of my favourite recipes and I will be adding more. Your feedback would be much appreciated. Finally I want to dedicate this site to my parents-in-law who have always supported me with my work. My husband who encourages me so much and without whom all this would have been just a dream for me, my children for teaching me to be a perfectionist in my cooking, always wanting every dish to be as good as the last time. Last, but not at all least, my mother for instilling in me, a passion for excellent food. In my books she is one of the best cooks ever!

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