Lebanese Class

Many of the dishes in Lebanese are similar to our Indian food so it’s a cuisine which will be enjoyed by the whole family young and older members.
All the recipes are vegetarian and have been tried and tested to make them perfect in taste and looks. I have selected most of the well known dishes and nowadays most of the ingredients are readily available.

This is a semi hands on class. I will be covering a variety of vegetarian Lebanese dishes which will include dips, starters, main course and the famous dessert baklava. I will also teach you how to make your own Phyllo sheets.

Timing: This is a 2 days class. 10.00 am to 4.00pm.
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of cooking. Preferred age is 18+.
Things to Carry: None.

Great Lunch, Snacks & Beverages will be provided. 

Class Details

Hummus is delicious dip made up of mainly chick peas and tahini.
This is served with Falafel or just with salad even.
We will make a few varieties

Tahini Sauce
A dip made of sesame seeds and lemon juice/yoghurt
Can be eaten in many ways like with falafels etc.

This is a dip made up of tomatoes garlic and green chillis
Can be served with pita etc

This is a dip made out of yoghurt, tahini and cucumber and is so refreshing. Can be served freshly baked pita bread.

This is another very spicy and popular dip made with walnuts and pine nuts. Can be eaten with pita or can apply even on a toast.

Baba Ghanoush
This is a dip using aubergines or eggplants(Optional).

Khubz flat bread
This is a popular Arabian bread can be eaten with salad, hummus etc.
It can be fried or baked.

Pita pockets
Another flat bread which is baked and served with hummus and stuffed with falafel and salad.

Batata hara
This is an appetizer made up of chunks of fried potatoes and variety of spices.

Falafels are a delicious appetizer made from soaked chick peas and lots of spices and herbs. These are fried and can be stuffed into the pita bread topped with salad and hummus.

Phyllo cheese rolls
This appetizer is made with my homemade phyllo recipe stuffed with a stick of cheese. Traditionally Halloumi cheese is used but we can use any cheese.

This recipe will be a salad with toasted or fried pieces of pita and assorted greens and tomatoes with tzatziki dressing.

Tabbouleh is anther delicious and healthy salad made with bulgur wheat (Dalia), mint leaves and parsley with an olive oil dressing.

Lebanese pilaf
This is a rice dish with spices and tomatoes.

Is a sweet dish made with phyllo pastry layered with powdered nuts and coated with a sugar and honey syrup.