Eggless Desserts Class

All these desserts have been tried and tested by myself and they are all simple to do but amazing to taste and in looks they are all fantastic. I have tried to select a variety of deserts for you and I really hope you enjoy making them.

This is an intermediate and detailed semi hands on class. I have very carefully selected about 20 types of awesome desserts for you. Practical to make, however the presentation and taste of each dessert is unique and fabulous.

Timing: This is a 3 days class. 10.00 am to 5.00pm.
Prerequisite: You need to know basic knowledge of baking and making cakes. You should know how to beat cream, how to melt chocolate etc. Preferred age is 18 plus.
Things to Carry: None.

Great Lunch, Snacks & Beverages will be provided.

Class Details

Fancy Chocolate Containers
These will be chocolate containers like small cups ,cones,bowls all made out of chocolate in which you can serve mousse, ice cream or fruit.

Chocolate Tulips
These are tulip shaped chocolates made from balloons which can be filled with any dessert.

Apple Crumble
A very popular apple dessert using sliced apples with a flaky crumble on top.

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse is light n airy made up of whipped cream and good quality chocolate on a biscuit/ sponge base.

5 Cheesecake
This is a baked cheesecake using cream cheese and baked in the oven in a hot bath topped with fruit filling of your choice. Variations can be chocolate or Nutella cheesecake.

Ice Cream Tunnel Cake 
This is a cake filled with ice cream.

Ice Cream Vanilla & Chocolate
Ice cream made with milk and a few special ingredients. No need for a fancy machine.

Chocolate Boats
Boat shaped biscuits filled with chocolate truffle.

Fruit Tarts/Flower Shaped Tarts
Biscuit based tarts filled with Bavarian cream and seasonal fruit.

Yummy Chocolate Pudding
Kids most favourite pudding made of malt biscuits and a chocolate custard.

Tiramisu is a very popular Italian dessert made with mascarpone cheese, biscuits, coffee and cream.

Banoffee Pie
Made in shot glasses, this is an English dessert made up of dulce de leche (thickened condensed milk) bananas and whipped cream and roasted digestive biscuits.

Monte Carlo
Delicious ice cream based dessert with layers of ice-cream, chocolate biscuits. Chocolate truffle and praline.