This is originally a Roman dish but so popular all over the world now. In Northern Italy in the region of Tuscany, during the olive harvest slices of fresh crusty bread are grilled and generously drizzled with the new season’s olive oil.

Great Starter for any party
You will need 1 fresh French loaf
5-6 tbspns Olive oil (you may use less if you like)
5-6 pcs of Asparagus chop into 3 pcs (steamed)
15 pcs Button Mushrooms chop into thick slices
15-20 pcs Cherry Tomatoes ( leave whole That’s the beauty )
10 pcs Baby corn sliced in half
1 pkt Mozzarella cheese chopped in small cubes
Sprigs of parsley /coriander
A handful of basil leaves
1 of each Red/green/yellow capsicums sliced

You don’t have to use all of the veggies I have mentioned. Say if you don’t like mushrooms you may leave them out. However, I would like to say that once you acquire the taste for mushrooms you would really relish them. For me, mushrooms are on top of my favourite veggies list; in fact my whole family loves any mushroom dish I make!

Place all the veggies and herbs on the grill tray and drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper all over them. Grill on high for about 10-15 mins or until veggies are slightly charred.
Slice the French loaf into thick rounds .Take a pod of garlic and rub both sides of the bread. Place some of the grilled veggies and scatter few pcs of mozzarella cheese on top and put under a very hot grill until the cheese melts. Serve immediately. For a spicier flavour drizzle some Tabasco on top of the cheese and serve.

Be warned make extra!!!!!!