This recipe is my mother's favorite; I hope you enjoy it too. I'm not quite sure which cuisine it belongs to. It maybe South Indian. I learnt this many, many years ago at a cooking demo held in London but cannot recall the name of the lady who conducted the class. Anyway a big "Thank you" to her wherever she is today.

250gms rice noodles or vermicelli
A few sweet neem leaves
4-5 whole red chillis
2-4 tbspns Olive oil
½ tspn jeera
½ tspn haldi powder
¼ tspn hing
½ tin of American corn niblets
4 tbspns of emili (tamarind) pulp
Salt to taste
Lots of Dhaniya pati
And about 2 tbspns roasted and crushed peanuts

For the Masala Powder:
2 tbspns whole dhaniya seeds
1 tspn channa dhal
1 tspn urad dhal
15-20 methi seeds
8-10 black peppercorns
2 sticks of cinnamon (2-3 inches long)
3 pcs cloves
6 green chillis
½ cup of desiccated coconut

Dry roast all the above ingredients for the masala in a frying pan on a medium flame. Cool and grind finely.
Soak the rice noodles in boiling water till done. If using vermicelli, boil plenty of water in a vessel add the noodles and boil for 5-8 minutes or till done. (The best way to check is the way we test our rice, but the noodles should be slightly harder.) Drain well, empty the noodles in a bowl add a tbspn of oil and mix well. This will prevent the noodles sticking to each other.

In a deep frying pan heat the oil. Try and make sure the entire pan gets coated with the oil. (Again this prevents the noodles from sticking to the pan.) Add the jeera, hing, neem leaves and red chillis. Add the corn niblets and then the haldi powder stir fry well add the noodles mix well. Now sprinkle about 2-3 tbspns or more of the powdered masala, salt to taste and the emili. With 2 forks mix well. Next add the dhaniya pati and peanuts. Serve immediately with the yoghurt dip.

(You may have some leftover masala powder which you can store for ages)

Youghurt Dip:
2 cups of fresh yoghurt. Put in a bowl and whisk well for a few mins
½ cup of fresh or dessicated coconut
2 tbspns of finely chopped dhaniya pati.
Salt to taste

In a bowl mix all the ingredients together and THEN empty out in a fresh clean serving dip bowl. In a small pan heat a tspn of oil add a tspn of small mustard seeds which should splutter, after 5 seconds add on top of the yoghurt mixture. Serve with the noodles.

Please never add jeera or mustard seeds to very hot oil as they will burn and spoil the taste and look of your dish.