It is so easy believe me! If you like sushi please just go ahead and try it.
All the ingredients are easily available in Kolkata and most big cities.
You can buy the sushi nori seaweed sheets from the Taj bakery shop at the Taj Hotel in Alipur.
The wasabi is available at the Health Food Shop on Loudon St and so are the avocados and the rice vinegar or you can use red wine vinegar it taste really good too.
I used Gulab Sul rice (the small white rice) .
Cook 1 cup of rice normally and drain the water well add salt to taste and ½ tspn of powdered sugar and 3-4 tspns of the vinegar mix very well.
Slice thin juliennes of carrots, zucchini and cucumber add to very hot water and drain after 5 mins. Don’t cook. Julienne also some tofu and avocados.
Now take one nori sheet and on a hot flat pan (tava) just roast both sides for a few seconds.
Place it shiny side down on a bamboo mat.
Take a very small quantity of wasabi on your finger and spread it randomly all over the sheet.
Spread a thin layer of rice all over the sheet. Leave some space clear at the furthest end.
In the centre place vegetables of your choice going from left to right and not top to bottom.
Now starting from the end nearest you start rolling the sheet tightly with the help of the bamboo mat.
When you get to the end press the mat tightly around the sushi so it becomes firm and you get a nice shape.
Remove the mat and using a sharp knife cut the sushi log in to small rounds about ½ an inch.

Serve on a beautiful platter with a bowl of soya sauce and blob of wasabi on the side.

A Tip
If your guests have never eaten sushi before please do show them.
Take the sushi and dip very carefully in the wasabi so you don’t get too much and dunk into the soya and pop it into your mouth.

Another Tip
You can also cut the sushi sheets in half but be careful that you do not cover the sheet with too much rice and put less filling of the vegetables, as it may become difficult to roll. These bite sized sushis look really cute.

Warn your friends about wasabi and how hot it is. Use in small quantities only.
If by mistake you take too much open your mouth breathe through your mouth and not nose!