I have been eating these rolls since I was a kid and have watched my mum making these so many times! I have just recently started making these again and I find it quite surprising that most of my guests don't know the recipe. It’s a nice, simple, easy to prepare dish (especially if you have unexpected guests) and the best thing is that all the ingredients are always available in the kitchen! I would love to share this recipe with you.
For the wrapper:

Just take a cup of flour add a tablespoon of cornflour. To this add 2 tbspns of melted ghee ( I don't know why but dalda ghee works wonders).Make a chapatti like dough by adding chilled water, Knead well, it really does make the world of a difference. Keep aside and prepare the filling.
Potato Filling :
You need about 4-5 boiled and mashed potatoes , add ½ tspn of garam masala,2 tspns of roasted cumin seeds(jeera powder) 2-3 tspns of green chilies and ginger paste , salt to taste and loads of fresh , finely chopped dhaniya pati. Please do adjust the seasonings to your liking and taste.
Roll out the dough with the help of some corn flour until quite thin, turning the dough over a couple of times so it doesn't stick to the surface. Now spread the potato mixture very carefully all over the rolled out dough, slightly leaving out the edges. Wet the edges with a little water and starting at one end start rolling up the dough tightly. Seal the edges well. With a sharp knife cut up the roll into 1 inch pieces .You may also cut it in a slanting way. Fry in hot oil until golden brown. Serve hot with green chutney or tomato ketchup.
So Yummy!

Green Chutney:
2 cups of fresh dhaniya pati (washed and rinsed well with drinking water) 2 green chilies 2 inch piece of ginger 2 pinches of jeera Grind really well (best results using a grinding stone) Add a few tspns of lemon juice its amazing how the colour changes as you add the juice Salt to taste, you may also add ¼ tspn of roasted jeera powder.