It is always best to use fresh mushrooms for this recipe. May I take some of your time and just explain how to prepare the mushrooms before cooking.

Try and buy nice white looking mushrooms (what a racist country we are :(

They should have no bruises or marks.

Wash very well under a tap. I keep a small net scrub just for my vegetables. Rub gently to remove the grime and soil of the mushrooms. Pat dry with a clean cloth. Remove the stalk opt. I usually do, not everyone does or just chop of half the stalk. I think its very personal just do as you wish. Cut into 2 or 4 pcs.

So You Need:
Lots of mushrooms 1 pkt will be good for 2 normal persons. If you are really hungry 1 pkt per person.

Chili flakes
Very finely chopped garlic
Very finely chopped English parsley or our great dhaniya pati will do the job too.
Salt to taste
Olive oil

I think the trick is to sauté the mushrooms on a very high heat. Fast cooking is essential.

Heat the pan until really hot add all the ingredients, keep the heat on high and keep stirring quickly until the mushrooms have a very slight golden tinge on them. Serve hot with crusty garlic bread.

I'm feeling so hungry writing all these recipes! Excuse me please while I go and eat something :)