1 head of ice berg lettuce torn in to unequal pcs
Or a nice fresh greeny looking cabbage finely shredded
3-4 firm red tomatoes deseeded sometimes I slice and sometimes I cut the tomatoes in big chunks depends on my mood. Sometimes I love to use only cherry tomatoes and leave them whole.
1 -2 carrots grated
Bell peppers (green, and if I’m having guests over I’ll also get the red and yellow ones. Cut into chunks or sliced... again mood :)

If I get fresh mozzarella I’d be so happy and add loads of it.

Also sometimes I add black / green grapes, chopped avocadoes, roasted walnuts or even roasted peanuts. Bread croutons are great and you can also add some fresh paneer crumbled or cut into thin long pcs.

Dressing 1

For the above salad you will need 300- 400 ml of fresh cream if on a diet or calorie conscious use half of hung yoghurt and half cream but its best with cream. Sorry!!!!!

3-4 tbspns of Tomato ketchup,
½ -1 tspn of mustard powder,
3-4 tspns of powdered sugar,
Salt and pepper to taste.

Please add all ingredients together and now for the magic ingredient add 5-6 tspns of lemon juice remember stir in gently until it thickens. Chill and add to salad only at the time of serving. (The new amul cream is not a bad alternative to fresh cream. Remember to mix the contents well before using.

Dressing 2

Toss salad ingredients together in a big bowl (use yr hands). Add salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar... yes it is available everywhere nowadays and it is a must even though its expensive please buy it and use it. And loads of olive oil. Serve at once.

Ok I’ll give you French dressing too, but the above dressing is the trendiest thing in town...

My version of a French dressing

1 cup of oil any
½ cup of white wine vinegar don’t use malt vinegar
½ tspn of mustard powder
½ tspn sugar
Some oregano
Salt and pepper to taste

Finely crushed garlic (opt)
Put all the ingredients in a bottle and shake really well (good exercise na?)

Add to salad only when serving.
This dressing will keep for ages in the fridge.