Dear Friends

Here is a great recipe for pasta


4 cups of any shape pasta penne, fusilli, bow etc (pressure cook, 2 whistles, open when cool)

6 tomatoes (put in boiling hot water, take off gas, leave covered for 5 minutes and peel of the skin)

The paste of 1 medium size onion

The paste of 6-8 big cloves (or to taste)

1 tspn of chili flakes

½ tspn of oregano

A pinch of sugar

2-3 tbspns of HEINZ (only) tomato ketchup

4-5 tbspns of fresh cream

A little pepper powder to taste

Salt to taste

4-5 tbspns of Olive oil (A must)

Serve hot with garlic bread and a glass of chilled coke. If you follow this recipe as meticulously as possible your pasta will be so delicious


Heat the olive oil in a pan don’t let it become too hot add the onion / garlic paste. 
Fry for a few minutes add chilli flakes and oregano fry for a minute.
Add the pulp of the tomatoes without the skin, cook until it is a nice paste. 
Add tomato ketchup, salt, sugar and pepper, cook until the oil floats on top.
Add the cream. 
Please taste and add whatever is less.

A Tip

Now the trick is to add the pasta and serve immediately.
Never add the pasta and serve later by reheating it, it will never taste good.

If you want to make beforehand keep the sauce and pasta separate. Retain the pasta in the water with some salt At the time of serving drain the pasta well and heat the sauce very well and then add the pasta, mix well and serve at once. You can grate some parmesan cheese on top.