Italian style garlic bread.

Every region of Italy will have its own version of garlic bread on my trip to North Italy this is what I was served:

Delicious garlic bread crusty underneath and soft on top with crushed garlic and olive oil lavishly drizzled all over. Mmmmmm heaven!
However I was also at some places given some bread (not even toasted mind you) topped with olive oil ...that was a bit sad!

I think the best garlic bread ever is from Marks & Spencer food hall in London.

I have 2 versions let me know which one you like.

You Need:
1 French baguette and it really needs to be fresh and crusty
100 gms of butter
No of garlic pods entirely up to you, for me 5-6 is good enough. Keep the skin on coat with oil and grill till soft, unpeel and mash well. ( I always use the big pods of garlic)
Dry oregano
Salt to taste.

Method: 1
Cut thick slices of the baguette diagonally.
Mix butter, garlic and salt well. Spread this mixture on both sides of the baguette sprinkle some oregano if you wish to. Grill in a hot oven till crisp serve immediately.

Method: 2
Cut the baguette into slices but this time don't go right through. If the baguette is too long cut into 2. Mix the butter, dry oregano and garlic very well, spread thickly on some cling film roll up like a swiss roll and freeze until hard. Take it out and cut into thin slices and place in between the cut baguette. Spread some on top too. Wrap well with foil and bake in the oven for at least 1/2 hr or until done. Soft or crispy up to you!!!