Mexican Food

I remember the first time I had tacos as a teenager in London it was at my Aunt's house, and her newly wed daughter in law from Bombay had prepared it for all of us. She kindly taught us too.The technique of folding the taco in the pan of hot oil was unnerving but we got the hang of it soon. Today I have come up with a taco maker which helps make the tacos easily.
Corn,chillies,garlic,tomatoes,onions,coriander etc ingredients being quite familiar to our Indian palate made Mexican food a super hit in India. The best thing is that nearly all the ingredients are easily available too.
Dishes Covered:

1. Nachos / Tacos

2. Salsa

3. Sour cream

4. Mexican Chili Sauce

5. Fried Mexican Baby Corn

6. Burritos

7. Enchiladas

8. Paneer Fajitas

9. Quesadillas

10. Empanadas

11. Guacamole (if avocados are available)

12. Mexican Rice with Potato Wedges

13. Spicy Chilli Quencher

14. Chocolate Cigar Rolls with Vanilla Ice cream

15. Also including attractive Mexican Table Decoration and Garnishing ideas.


I will be teaching a number of dishes in the class and I hope that you will go on to more adventurous dishes as your skills improve,